4 comments on “Valuable Antique or Toxic Waste?

  1. I found out that mercury thermometers are toxic waste and must be disposed of accordingly. Darn!
    I was hoping they were valuable and someone would pay me big bucks for them!
    The woman at Horsnyder’s Pharmacy told me to call Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program
    to find out where they should go: 831-454-2606. I called the number, got voicemail and left a message as I was instructed to do. Meanwhile, while I wait for the information, anyone want to buy
    three centigrade mercury thermometers?

    • It’s January 11th and I still haven’t heard from Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program.
      Guess nobody cares about mercury thermometers unless they break….Anyone want to buy an Excelsus Z-Blocker Microfilter Model Z-200CW? I have no idea what it is or does. I just happen to have one….It’s probably hazardous waste also….or a valuable antique….

      • It’s January 14th and I still haven’t heard from HHWCP. I’m beginning to think my mercury thermometers are valuable antiques and they’re trying to fool me by ignoring me. Any day now
        I’ll get a phone call from someone saying I have to pay to recycle the things properly. Then, they’ll turn around and sell them on Francoises’s List for eighty bazillion…..I’m onto them….!

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